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Love Yourself into Evolution

It is common to feel guilty and ashamed of not having the progress we wanted when we first tried something new.

As we tune into our habits and progress through shame, we feel more stuck in our bad habits. It's like constantly disconnecting from who we are rather than growing.

Our experiences, biases, and habits often come from a long history of doing what we needed to do to be here and now.

Sometimes we may even want to get better because of the negative influences we do not want to be, as opposed to having a positive influence to mirror.

Whether keeping your body healthy, building a career, starting a business, or finding time for your loved ones, the only way to change is to love ourselves enough to develop compassion for ourselves.

Acknowledging why we think one way, why we react as we do, and how we would like to move on from here are the critical steps to moving forward.

It is relentless everyday work but the most stunning and mystical results one can achieve.

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