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Success is Individual

A dear friend was a Mortgage Loan Officer. She worked for 15 years in the industry, making seven figures per year. For many, she was living the dream.

Her dream, however, was to be a homesteader. She wanted to plant her own food, have a chicken coop, and appreciate her garden.

When she finally left her job, which many beg to have and be as successful as she was, to start a mini farm in the middle of nowhere, having a steady low income and her savings, so many people thought she had lost her mind.

To this day, almost daily, people ask her when she will return to work.

You see, what I see as success might not be the same for you or anyone else.

Success isn't just owning a Ferrari, a cute modern farmhouse, or a house made of everything you have ever pinned on Pinterest. Success is wherever you want to be in your life.

Success is getting that promotion, having the baby you and your Significant Other had been trying for, and getting the things you want, not what society says you want.

Just because your dreams are different does not mean less or more than anyone else's. They are yours. Go make them a reality!

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