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The 5 Laws of Success

1) See the Vision

What does success look like to you? Where is it that you want to be?

Many people say they want to be wealthy and successful, but when you ask them what they will do with that, they stutter. What does the end picture look like? Envision it. Grab it. Set up reminders everywhere. That is what you are working for.

2) Learn

How can you get where you want to be? What obstacles do you see? What type of information is out there from people who did the same thing?

There is no lack of books, YouTube Videos, and courses all about your end goal and the hurdles you will face. Make good use of those resources. My books are only a portion of the material available to you so you can reach your goals.

3) Develop Daily Habits

Anything you do daily will slowly become something you do on autopilot. If you want to spend less money, writing down each item you spend on will make you more conscientious of what you spend it on. If you want to quit smoking, writing down the number of cigarettes you smoked that day will help you keep aware of how much you smoke today and how much you want to quit.

4) Meet like-minded Individuals

Like-minded individuals seek similar goals and come from different backgrounds, sharing and developing together is the best way to learn and become the person you want to be.

5) Never Stop at Failure

Failure should not be feared. It is part of the learning process. Think: what did I learn, and what can I apply tomorrow to make it different? Can this lesson be used in other aspects of my life?

Remember, it’s only failure when you give in.

You can start by mixing any of these laws together to create an even more powerful concept. Look through these laws again and use your imagination to figure out what two laws would change your life the fastest if you combined them and put them into action today.

Is there anything that you would add?

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